Saturday, March 7, 2009

Quick Notes

1. Return of Valeron: It is wonderful to see Juan Carlos Valeron, a classical playmaker of exemplary stature once again at the forefront of Deportivo La Coruna. Valeron who has had a torrid time with his knee for a few years now had made a brief return to the first team last season, but this season has seen him revert slowly towards his scheming best.

2. Beckham to Milan: The Italian Serie A was not so long ago the most celebrated league to play your football in. Off late though the Serie A has only been able to attract players who are well past their sell-by date. That said Beckham’s proposed permanent move to AC Milan is certain to further his international career and may well see him play a vital part in the 2010 World Cup.

3. Influence of Nike and Adidas: Staying with Beckham, it comes as no coincidence that the last three clubs he has played for are all associated with Adidas, the brand that Beckham endorses. Nike and Adidas influence football transfers more than one would imagine and it is rumoured that Nike will do all that they can to ensure that if Cristiano Ronaldo does move from Manchester United, it would certainly not be to Real Madrid who are backed by Adidas.

4. Wide Open Relegation Battle in England: West Bromwich Albion look doomed, but 8th place Manchester City are only 9 points ahead of 19th place Middlesbrough meaning that this season offers the most fascinating relegation battle in ages. I pick Portsmouth and Hull City to go down to the Championship along with West Brom.

5. Referral System: The objective of the referral system is to cut out obvious errors made by the on-field umpires. By detailing more than is required on their part, umpires such as Daryl Harper have made a mockery of a system which could well prove to be a turning point in cricket officiating. At the end of the day technology can only be as good as its users are and as long as its users are the likes of Harper and Bowden we can be rest assured of its failure.  

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The Reluctant Rebel said...

I hope Man city goes down. it'd be hilarious with all their money.